The new SARCLISA J-code J9227 is now available, effective October 1, 2020, to be used for reimbursement claims. Refer to the Billing and Coding Guide on the Resources page for additional details. MAT-US-2018558-v1.0-08/2020


Multiple Myeloma Is an Incurable Disease
Characterized by Continual Relapses, Requiring
Multiple Lines of Therapy1,2

Patients with RRMM will inevitably relapse and/or
become refractory to certain treatments1,3-5

Additional factors may impact outcomes or limit
treatment options for these patients1

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    Refractory to IMiD®s or PIs

  • Exclamation point icon

    High cytogenetic risk

  • Kidney icon

    Renal impairment

  • Bar graph icon

    Disease stage

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Effective treatment options are needed for
patients with poor prognosis1

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