Available Resources for SARCLISA

Clinical resources

IKEMA Trial Summary Brochure

An informative brochure that includes the IKEMA trial results for SARCLISA + Kd vs Kd alone

Download the resource.

NCCN® Flashcard

An overview of the NCCN recommendation and efficacy for isatuximab-irfc (SARCLISA)

Download the resource.

SARCLISA Dosing Guide

A detailed dosing and administration guide for SARCLISA

Download the resource.

SARCLISA Patient Treatment Calendar

Provide to your patients to help them keep track of the treatment schedule for the SARCLISA combination they have been prescribed

Download the resource.

Blood Bank Brochure

Guidance for HCPs and blood banks about the risk of interference with blood compatibility testing when a patient is receiving treatment with SARCLISA

Download the resource.

Patient ID

A document for your patients to share with other HCPs to show that they are receiving treatment with SARCLISA

Download the resource.

A Patient Guide to SARCLISA

A helpful brochure for your patients who are starting treatment with SARCLISA

Download the resource.

Access resources

Billing and Coding Guide

A resource with detailed reimbursement, billing, and coding information for SARCLISA, as well as product information and annotated reimbursement forms

Download the resource.

Quick Reference Billing and Coding Flashcard

Essential reimbursement codes on one page for quick reference

Download the resource.

Product Acquisition and Returns Flashcard

Contact information for SARCLISA specialty distributors and specialty pharmacies, as well as information about product returns

Download the resource.
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